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Yolo Journal - Winter 2020

Yolo Journal - Winter 2020

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Yolo is a collection of travel inspiration and ideas from creative and curious people. Yolo gathers and edits the best sources and their intel, and features it quarterly.

Four “little” letters … that dream big. Real big. Nickname of Conde Nast Traveler Creative Director and founder of this magazine, Yolanda Edwards, as well as inspiring acronym “you only live once,” YOLO Journal is not only a beautiful travel magazine, but a reminder for us to make the most of our time.

“An escape route” as Yolanda calls it, YOLO grew from a desire to have filtered, tested & approved travel information all in one place. Not an impersonal list of addresses, mind you, but a diary of enchanting stories.

One after the other, Yolanda’s trusted crew of well-travelled lifestyle professionals & friends, all with very good taste, give us their very personal glimpse of what we all like to call as “La Dolce Vita.”