Amadeus - Issue 17

Amadeus - Issue 17

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Issue 17 features interviews and conversations with artists and creatives like:

Alake Shilling
Camilo Medina
Frankie Harrer
Genai Nakama
Greg Ito
Jemimah Barba
Matt McCormick
Mister Green
Sterling Bartlett
Tony Camaro

Cover: Adam Amengual

About the magazine

Amadeus is a quarterly print magazine.

It functions as a space for artists to present their work and express their creativity, and to design a network through which people working in different disciplines can easily access new information, ideas and each other.

It occupies the niche that falls between the world of underground “zines” and the mass market, and gather under the broad cultural canopy of art, music, design, skateboarding, food, fashion and youth culture: quirky, small-run, and highly individualistic.

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