Bergamot + Pink Pepper (The Lulala) Soap

Bergamot + Pink Pepper (The Lulala) Soap

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sunrises of spicy-floral, sweet, with present notes of tartness and citrus. uplifting & delightful.

intertwining organic and geometric shapes, our artisanal soaps area hand crafted only in small batches & made upon order. This allows us to be certain with our quality and care. Our goal is to bring appreciation into everyday life and everywhere possible. Allow small things to make you feel delightful. The shapes of soaps are ever changing. Let it be.

- for normal to dry skin

- sulfate & silicone free

- paraben & preservative free

- vegan & cruelty free

- biodegradable

- minimal packaging

The soaps will vary in color as they are handmade.

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