Black Body Amnesia: Poems & Other Speech Acts

Black Body Amnesia: Poems & Other Speech Acts

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By Jamie Olawale Kosoko

Blending poetry and memoir, conversation and performance theory, Black Body Amnesia: Poems and Other Speech Acts enlivens an archive of visual and verbal offerings written and organized by poet, performance artist, educator, and curator Jamie Olawale Kosoko. This collection of intertextual performance acts captures the ephemeral in Kosovo's live performances and offers critical and creative frames to consider the fluid identities and lifeworlds embedded inside contemporary Black America.

With contributions by Sara Jane Bailes, mayfield brooks, Brenda Dixon-Gottschild, Dahlia (Dixon) Li, Ashley Ferro-Murray, Nadine George-Graves, Nile Harris, Ima Iduozee, Lisa Jarrett, Bill T. Jones, Jennifer Kidwell, Malkia Okech, Ada M. Patterson, Tracy K. Smith, Jillian Steinhauer.

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